Profitable Grain Marketing

We have been using White Commercial Corporation  as a source of grain marketing education and a hedging company for the Anton coop for several years. They have provided us with the means to become better merchandisers of the grain we handle and also of several tools to help you “the producer” to become better marketers of your grain. Our goal is to be a competitive buyer of your grains and help you be more profitable in your farming operation.  We will not always be the best price. We don’t try to outguess or predict the market and what it is going to do. We call that noise and don’t spend a great deal of time listening to noise that tries to tell you what the market is going to do. The basics of marketing starts with realizing we cannot outguess the market and we also cannot always hit the high in the market. What we can do is calculate what is a profitable level to market our grain and do our best to market every bushel at or above that profit level. The first question I get ask is what do we do when the market never gives us that opportunity to market at these levels.  The first thing we need to do is to realize that we need to learn where and when the opportunities the marketing start and when to start panning for the marketing of our crops. Contact us for more info on what we can offer to help you with your grain marketing. You can find some links here that will provide you with some basic tools to begin your quest towards a profitable marketing plan.

- Chester Kenney  


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